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The Bridges of Love Show began when Platinum musician Vernon Hicks merged two concepts. Music that is uplifting, diverse and danceable, with on-going contributions to charities. To enhance an enjoyable evening, a delicious dinner is available.

His first few shows, in the Hollywood area, featured talented musicians blending their unique sounds. Mr. Hicks himself is a singer / songwriter, as well as a talented pianist, drummer and percussionist. He is the producer of each show. They started small, with around 30 folks, and grew to 200-300 in later shows. The blending of music from the nineteen sixties and seventies, all the way up to the 2000’s allows anyone in the audience to enjoy familiar and new songs. The selected sets include jazz, pop and Motown hits.

Bridges of Love Show #5, New England, is upcoming in Hartford, Connecticut. Both Mr. Hicks and his childhood friend, pianist Dave Aston, grew up locally. They kept in touch as they matured, and are excited about playing together at #5. Artists from Hartford, Hollywood and Boston combine for a one-time show September 4th.

Another hometown professional, author Derrick Winston, will be available at 6:00 the night of the show, for a book signing of his first Novel, “Mississippi Champagne” about the life of a former buffalo soldier in the early 1900’s.

The night is also a celebration of the professionals who have contributed every day to our communities, by providing food, support and kindness through the pandemic. Several will be recognized at the start of the show (See Honorees tab). Of special mention are his two sisters, Barbara “Honey” Shephard, and Adrian Perenyi who have been a support for their brother from his youth, and will be in attendance at the show.

Five years ago, the Hicks family gathered in Hartford for a family reunion. There was music, food and dancing, and family members still talk about the great time they had. Vernon is tapping into the fun of that event as he plans #5, looking to provide an exhilarating evening where people make lifelong memories.

Regarding his desire to give back, Mr. Hicks raised over $2 million for foster kids and disadvantaged families while he was a dad himself. He has now set his sights on St. Jude’s, to provide funds for medical research and treatment for children with cancer. He also supports community groups such as Moose International. Show #5 will include several honorees as guests, giving attendees an opportunity to chat with them about their work.

Stop back here for updates, as the Bridges of Love continue to provide musical evenings of love and courage, hits old and new, and an opportunity for attendees to say, “I’m so glad I came!”

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